What is Vintage?

Everyday girls asking me in the store “what is vintage? is it second-hand? are the clothes new or reproduced to the vintage style?”

With so many vintage shop around offering different styles of clothing and accessories its easy to get confused.

So Ladies, for a garment to become vintage it must be at least 25 years old, so genuine pieces that date from 1920’s up to early 1980s are now called “Vintage”. 1990’s-2000’s clothing are not strictly vintage yet but second-hand.

Most of vintage clothing have been worn before unless stated as never worn. I was very lucky to find some genuine 1960’s dresses with their original tags but garments like this are very rare. Imagine how long ago it was?? Sometimes I feel that its mad for the dresses to last so long! I’m wearing some of my grandmothers dresses and they’re still perfect (even when I wash them in a washing machine:) Back then garments ware hand made to last.

If you’re around in Waterford call in Vintage Trig’s Boutique, its a tiny store filled with genuine vintage pieces and accessories. Or visit our website.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and let me know if you have any questions:)

Agnes xx

PS. Next post will be all about why and how to wear Vintage:)


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